Fronte dei Lupi project - Municipality of Castel Condino (TN)

The project called 'II fronte dei Lupi' (the front of the Wolves) has been promoted and realized by the municipality of Castel Condino with the financial support of the Italian State through the 2005 Finance Act. The purpose of the project was restoring and preserving the historical heritage dating back to the First World War and located south of the Daone Valley, along the first line of the Italian Front. 'II fronte dei lupi' was devised after an accurate survey of the territory and a census of Great War manufactures in the area where Front Giudicarie stood. The great quantity of manufactures and their state of preservation constitute a real 'system' that makes it possible to understand how a trench warfare -like the Great War was- works and what its meaning is. The aim of the project was bringing back to light the multitude of existing elements and making them accessible to tourists, providing for their restoration and enhancement through the creation of three main visit itineraries: 'In defence of the Chiese River' in the area below the settlement of Castel Condino; 'The battle of Mount Melino' climbing up the slopes of the Mount of the same name; and 'The line of the Peaks' winding along the ridge of the mountains above the village at a height of 2,000 metres approximately. The Project started in 2005 and has been carried out by `Risorse e Ambiente' - a company qualified in this sector — with the support of a Study Committee of experts. The works are divided into four batches and will be completed in 2011.

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